Powerful Sales Closing

Did you know that over 80% of buyers are better at closing sales than the salespeople themselves?

Have you ever left a sales presentation with a feeling that you’ve just bought? You’ve bought the “stall”, the excuse or the “think it over”. In other words, the buyer has done a great job in selling to you! It’s a common scenario – most buyers are very good at closing sales – and therein lies the problem for the sellers.

You may have invested considerable time and effort on your sales presentation; you’ve provided the solution to the buyer’s problems; you’ve given a great product presentation and you’ve offered the keenest price. The prospect has listened intently and shown interest throughout. But, when you tried to close the sale, he popped out some lame excuse for why he couldn’t make a decision today and sold you the stall!

The best-selling sales resource for closing sales

You know it’s a stall – you’ve heard it hundreds of times before from other prospects – and yet you just could not find a way around it to close the sale. It may be “I’ll get back to you” or “I’ll think it over for a few days”. However justifiable the words – it’s a still a stall!

There are two sellers on every call – either they’ll buy your product or you’ll buy their excuses!

Are you a Professional Stall Buyer?

You’ve done a great sales presentation, using all your best techniques for closing sales. But, when the buyer says “I’ll think it over”, do you feel that you have nowhere left to go? Are you so accustomed to accepting the buyer’s stalling tactics that you immediately pack up and admit defeat? If you do, you are not alone! Sellers can become conditioned by astute buyers into “buying the stall”, and they believe (quite mistakenly) that there is no way around this situation.

Most sellers tend to do one of two things after they leave a sales call that they’ve failed to close. They will either justify the no-sale as “just not in the market” or “couldn’t afford it”, or anything else that sounds plausible and lets them (the sellers) off the hook.

Or, they’ll get mad, because they know they’ve been sold to – but, they don’t know where or why it went wrong.

“The stall came out of the blue, right at the end when I expected them to sign up…..”

“Everything had gone so well and we got on famously….”

“I gave that call everything – I just don’t know how I could have lost it….” etc etc.

How to Close Sales - powerful sales closing tips and techniquesLet’s suppose a seller has a sales closing ratio of 1 in 3. Looking back over the last 100 calls, he’ll probably see something like this:

100 Presentations:
33 Sales Closed:
10 Uncloseables (product genuinely unable to fulfil customer requirements, for instance).

That leaves 57 closeable situations where the prospect did not buy;
57 selling opportunities where the seller has provided unpaid consultancy!

Just think about this – you’re giving your knowledge, your experience and your time to help these buyers purchase elsewhere!

Today’s Buyers are Great Sellers – they know that the unrest in the financial markets; the political situation; Brexit etc has made it very much a buyer’s market and they’re out to save every penny. They will not roll over and hand you their credit cards just because you’ve done a great product presentation! But, REMEMBER, they’ll gladly accept your free consultation, and then sell you the stall!

Even the hardiest of sellers can be worn down by the repeated rejection and frustration that goes hand-in-hand with losing sales – especially when they know that, on many occasions, the “I’ll think it over” really could have been a “Where do I sign?”.

We all know that today’s buyers are razor sharp. They’re also educated and experienced in handling sellers. They have everything on their side – consumer reports, Watchdog TV shows, newspaper articles, plus a vast resource of information on the web. They have plenty of ammunition and they’re not afraid to use it!

Handling this new breed of Super Buyers

But what do most sellers do to handle this new breed of “super buyer”. Nothing! That’s right – most sellers do NOTHING. They carry on blaming their low conversions on the economy, the price of their product, the world markets, the weather, the time of year, the buyer! They drown in a sea of excuses……rather than admit to themselves that maybe they could have done better!

What do they do to improve their selling skills and techniques? Nothing. How much do they invest in sharpening-up their methods for closing sales? You’ve guessed it – Nothing!

Conversely, let’s ask the same questions of the top pro-sellers and in particular, what do they do to remain at the top? The answer is – EVERYTHING!

Fifteen years experience? Or is it just one year of experience, repeated fifteen times over?

How To Sell - powerful sales closing tips and techniquesIf you want to join the sellers who are at the highest level of the profession, you may well need to make some important changes to your presentation and sales closing techniques.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Your manager may be able to help. But it’s likely that he was trained by his manager, who was trained by his manager, who was….and so on. Two levels down and the poor seller is taught the same old selling techniques that have been around since the last millenium! They may have worked 5 or 10 years ago, but today they’re out-dated and transparent. Times have changed – radically.

“If what you did yesterday still looks good……..you haven’t done enough today!”

So, where does the inspiration come from? Where does the seller, who’s determined to fly high, go to learn the skills and techniques for closing sales that are relevant today?

The two main sources of information here are either sales training seminars or books. If you’ve been to a few sales seminars you will know that most are “Motivation” based and whilst they can be quite entertaining and temporarily uplifting, you’ll probably have forgotten most of what you’ve heard before you’ve arrived home!

If you prefer to buy books, you’re spoilt for choice. There are books on NLP, hypnotic selling, telephone sales tips, cold calling, marketing tactics, time management and so on. There are thousands of books out there, some very good, on all the different aspects of selling. But do you have the time (or money!) to sift through the colossal volume of information and try out these ideas until you find out what works for you and what doesn’t?

How To Sell - powerful sales closing resourceJust supposing…. You could have access to a blueprint for closing sales that works….. No filler, padding, generalities or rehashed theories from times gone by.

A system that takes you step by step, through”real world” direct selling situations, using techniques for closing sales, that work TODAY!

A step by step method that moves the buyer on from “I’ll think about it” to “I’ll take it!”, without the battle that it usually is!

A system for successful selling that you can relate to INSTANTLY.

Where the techniques can be applied IMMEDIATELY!

‘How to Sell in Todays Tough Markets’

A Masterclass in Direct Selling

How To Sell In Today's Tough Markets - Sales Closing GuideThe information and sales closing techniques in this new book are bang up to date. It was written by top UK direct sales trainers. They know the direct selling market place and teach what works NOW, not ten years ago.

They teach the psychology behind the selling process and the way we must change to stay ahead of the game. And much, much more.

Their wealth of experience in direct selling and in sales training means that the information in this book will probably provide the greatest single positive influence on your professional selling career. It will give you a blueprint for direct selling TODAY! It will take you, step by step, through the selling techniques which will ensure that you can work every call with a precise game plan for closing sales.

“Probably the most significant change you will ever make to your own personal selling process!”

This book is a “Blueprint” for closing sales – it’s is an essential read if you want to achieve, and maintain, success in direct sales. If you apply what you read here, you’ll find many, many more sales are closed, without the battle and rejection that many sellers accept as a normal part of their job.

Closing sales will become a natural part of the sales process and the techniques and concepts will become second nature.

How much better do you need to be?

Many times in direct selling organisations, one seller is in the $100,000 p.a. league and a peer, with equal product knowledge and experience is scraping to get to $10,000. It isn’t necessarily that one is ten times better than the other, nor is it that one works ten times as many appointments.

We’ll show you what separates them and how you can lift your personal sales performance by margins you’ll find hard to believe!

Who has the best plan – you or the prospect?

Your plan versus the customer’s plan!
Most sellers make it hard on themselves by using a loosely defined call structure – they reason that their knowledge and experience will carry them through. However, it’s this “loose” approach that allows the buyer far too much freedom to manouveure, and the result is that the buyer is able to siphon knowledge from the seller, but not allow themselves to be moved towards a closing situation, hence the buyer’s plan will prevail.

‘How to Sell in Today’s Tough Markets’ will give you a rock-solid, step-by-step game plan for closing sales, and demonstrate why you should use it on every call.

Are you limiting your earnings by staying within your “comfort zone”?

Most sellers have an in-built resistance to new ideas; giving them a half-hearted try, at best, before reverting back to their old ways. Their usual way of working (within the comfort zone) means that their whole presentation is almost on autopilot.

You’ll learn why you must look outside of your personal comfort zone, and how it will produce sensational results when closing sales!

Trying to close sales in 2017 with Stone Age techniques?

The old way of direct selling is still being used extensively today. Why? Because, traditionally, managers have been promoted from the ranks. The selling techniques of yesteryear have been passed down the line to each new generation of recruits.

Their in-bred knowledge is improved only marginally when sellers or managers move within their industry and share their experiences. It’s no wonder that many sellers struggle to close sales in today’s tough markets.

Why “closing on the day” should be the norm!

It’s not only what you do, but when you do it! Many sales are lost because the seller tries to close way too early! Impatience and inexperience are the two main culprits. The latter is excusable, but impatience is simply poor or lazy selling!

Closing sales “on the day” is vastly different from closing “too early”.

Discover how to recognise the precise moment to close the sale – the “Closing Window”. If you miss it, you’ll probably kiss goodbye to your chance of closing the sale!

Put “Sales Closing” into perspective.

Too many times, sellers separate the call into first, a) The Presentation and then, b) The Close. When this happens, the seller automatically sees the closing segment as something nasty looming up ahead, like a black cloud. He knows he’s going to have to wrestle the prospect for a decision, and more often than not, he gets a “no”.

The focus is firmly on “closing” and sellers launch into this area with grim determination, only to find that the buyers are equally determined NOT to be closed! With the “How to Sell” format, the close is whittled down in size. It will now become a “done deal” by the time you reach it, rather than the epic battleground that it usually is.

This is the most significant change you will ever make to you own personal selling process. Use it correctly and it will guarantee outstanding success.

Why the buyer doesn’t believe you!

With so many stories of malpractice and high pressure selling techniques highlighted in the press and on TV, the buyer has every right to be wary. It is unlikely that he will be open with you at an early stage.

So, it is vital to build trust from minute one. We’ll show you exactly how to do this….. (Most sellers do this wrongly!)

Have your buyers stopped listening?

If you’ve been in direct selling for a while, you’ll have, no doubt, experienced calls where you notice that the buyer has taken on a slightly glazed look! He’s being polite, but he’s gone into “selective listening” mode – he will only hear what he is specifically listening for!

In this system, we will show you how to establish exactly what it is he’s listening for, and how to keep him hanging on your every word!

Be in control from walk-in to close.

You will discover our secret weapon, your own, personal “Controller”. It gives you a step-by-step method for questioning, involving, qualifying and closing the prospect. If you use this on every call, you’ll find that every possible issue is covered – so, there are no nasty surprises when you try to close the sale! The prospect closes himself, slowly but surely.

The Controller enables you to work to a defined game plan – stray outside it and you’ll weaken your chances of closing the sale. Use it, and you will find that customers enjoy the process and you’ll stay in total control.

Learn why “Price Priming” at the wrong time can lose you the sale

“Price priming” too early is a disease generally suffered by lazy sellers. They prejudge situations and, as a result, leave the door wide open, making it easier for the sharper sellers who follow them, to come in and close the sale behind them.

We’ll show you HOW to price prime and precisely WHEN you should do it!

Learn the one question you must ask when a prospect says “NO”

That little word “No”! So small, yet so powerful. It’s the word that sellers fear most and buyer’s have as their best friend. Many deals are lost because the seller wilts at the first sign of resistance from the buyer. Too often the seller instantly abandons the game plan and either immediately resorts to offering large discounts or gets a dose of “verbal diarrhoea”!

The methodology in this blueprint for closing sales will teach you how to avoid both!

Plus, you will discover…

  • Why Voice Patterns and Body Language are so important.
  • The question you must ask at a very early stage.
  • The right way to handle a product demonstration.
  • Whether you and your prospect are speaking the same language.
  • Why you should consider the “Principle of Imbalance”.
  • Why you should avoid being a “Feature Creature”!
  • Why you should view your prospects as rabbits!
  • If you would make a good doctor?
  • How to move your buyer from “I’m just looking”, to “I’m Buying”.
  • Why do we get on well with some prospects and not others?
  • How to handle “smokescreen” objections.

And much more….

Do you want to save years in trial and error; Close sales at the correct margin; Feel in total control on every call?

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